Organic Farming and Organic Gardening

MILLION years ago our societies could grow their food using an organic means which translates to the indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides that are currently used by most farmers in the 21st century to boost production.

The food source generated across the world because of the inorganic approach has seized to be a vibrant, live source of nutrients and energy important for physical and mental well being.

Organic farmers obey the universal “law of return”, which is “what is taken out of the soil is put back in equal measure”.

The farmer through organic approach physical removes the weeds, products are harvested, pruning is done manually and the nutrients from plants are removed.

Farmers should be encouraged to grow plants without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides that may lead to air pollution, water, animal life, and food crops and soil degradation by using the chemical products.

Organic gardening is a method of growing crops using only organic products such as manure, compost, and organic fertilizers to improve and retain soil fertility.

The gardener uses natural substances to control pests and diseases, growing insects repellent plants and companion plants which are beneficial to each other.

Growing food crops using an organic method is time-consuming but healthy as a garden would have to cut the dependence on chemicals by making use of manures, composts, organic fertilizers and natural pest control methods.

A gardener may apply a rich compost that contains a diverse mix of plant matter (green and brown) and animal manures.

The gardener may also enforce intercropping with a diverse mix of crops and companion plants to provide the ecological balance required above and below the soil.

The gardener can keep all of the soil covered with green and brown mulches which keep the root zones and soil cool and can provide optimum habitat for soil micro-organisms.

Organic pest and disease management depends on soil health and a health eco-system full of diversity. Mono-cropping creates imbalances that attract pests and diseases.

When challenges arise there are natural organic products to be used like introducing a natural predator like a chameleon, stop breeding, stop feeding and so forth.

Organic farming and gardening is the practice of stewardship, maintaining a healthy environment and eco-system, whilst producing food that is full of nutrients and gives vibrant health to the animals and humans that consume it.

Farmers and residents should learn to plant their garden using organic methods that enhance nutrients to the soil

Source by Caven Masuku